WpNewspaper – WordPress Premium theme

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WPNewspaper, as the name implies, is a newspaper style WordPress theme that has all the features of a newspaper site. This WP theme has a unique newspaper layout and is ad and search engine optimized. If you are looking to showcase your content in a unique package and take your website into the next step, WPNewspaper is the template that you have been looking for.


  • WpNewspaper Single Site License ($59) Click here to view more detailsThe Single Use License is the best choice if you’d use the theme on one domain only. This license entitles you to use the theme on one site / domain only. You may not resell, distribute or make multiple use of the theme with this package. You may modify or remove the credits in the site footer.
  • WpNewspaper Multi-Site License ($99) Click here to view more details The Multi-Site Package is the best option if you’d use the theme on multiple sites those are owned by you. You may not resell or distribute the theme with this license. You may modify or remove the credits in the site footer.
  • WpNewspaper Developer License ($159) Click here to view more details With this package you may use the theme on multiple sites that are owned by you as well as to use it as a starting template for commercial projects. You MAY NOT resell, transfer or otherwise redistribute the theme in its original form. You may modify or remove the credits in the site footer.

WpNewspaper v1.2 Full Package (0.51 MB)



WPSN – WordPress Premium theme

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Start your own sports news publishing portal just like the professionals with this awesome ESPN clone for WordPress.

Almost every element of the theme is editable via a comprehensive built-in theme control (91 settings) panel making this theme ideal for beginners who don’t want to delve knee-deep in PHP code, aswell as experienced webmasters who have the capabilities to customise this theme to suit accordingly.

There are several promotional blocks that allow you to manually promote almost anything you like, featured articles, affiliated products, big news items plus much more – all of which require no code editing to manage.

The navigational menus are dynamic which automatically lists your pages and categories, and we have integrated an RSS news ticker to add to the feature list.

* Comprehensive theme control panel
* Dynamic drop-down navigational menus
* Integrated RSS newsticker
* Multiple built-in promotional blocks
* Built-in banner management (Adsense optimised)
* Multiple plugin integration
* PDF Users Guide
* Major browser compatible
* Full source PSD & font files supplied

One important factor about owning a news publishing portal is the opportunity to generate online revenue, and we have made sure that your earnings potential is maximised with this theme – just take a look at the demo to see for yourself.

Every ad spot is editable via the theme control panel so it’s just a case of copying and pasting your ad codes and your ready to begin earning cash.



Checkmate 2.0 – A Free Premium WordPress Theme

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Checkmate has been a very popular WordPress theme with thousands of users worldwide. Now it is has been made even better. I’ve learned a thing or two from the users of Checkmate, listened to the feature requests and I’ve decided it is time to release Checkmate 2.0. Checkmate 2.0 is built on the original version of Checkmate, but could almost be considered a completely new theme.

The interface has gotten a huge and much needed update. The layout is still simple and clean but now is more polished and modern. Customizing the CSS and the look of theme is even better, the entire site was coded with the end user customizing the site in mind.


Theme Options

There has been a total redesign of the theme options page, and also new theme options to make customizing Checkmate even easier. Checkmate 2.0 has the ability to automatically detect uploads for CSS, logos, and backgrounds, which can easily be changed via the theme options page.

Layout Options

I mentioned the layout has been updated, well now it is also more flexible. Several users wanted a true 3 column layout(columns on each side of the content), now this is possible along with a single right column, a split right column, or a combo right column. All this is controlled using theme options and widget areas, no code editing!

Ad Management

Ad management remains in Checkmate 2.0 unchanged. It is the same simple and flexible widget and theme options combination which gives you a quick and easy way to get ads on your theme.


Support for Checkmate has always been a strong point and something I’ve strove to provide the best support a free theme offers. Alas WordPress comments and email aren’t the best solution, so all support will now be handled via Tender. Where you can ask questions, read documentation, and contribute to discussions.


Checkmate already had a big feature list, now it is even bigger:

  • Optional background header images controlled by theme options and uploads are automatically detected
  • User defined style sheets, easily changed and uploads are automatically detected
  • Auto detected logo controlled through theme options
  • Optional featured categories
  • Feedburner integration
  • Drop down Page menu, with theme options to control which Pages show in the menu
  • Optional footer widget areas
  • Option to use Checkmate’s previous rounded corner look
  • Ability to insert code or content into the header, after a post, or footer, without editing theme files
  • Ad management
  • Checkmate comes with 4 color themes for you to build on: grey, brown, cake, and dark.
  • Custom widgets built for Checkmate.
  • Tabbed Content Box – widget enabled
  • Two, Three, or Split Column Design
  • Feedburner Integration
  • Optional Widget enabled footer
  • Custom Icons
  • Gravatar support for authors and comments(WordPress 2.5)
  • Custom author, archive, tag, category, and search pages.
  • Widget Enabled Sidebars

WordPress Cannot modify header information 解决办法

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下面是网友 assad 留下的错误信息:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx/public_html/wp-config.php:1) in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 770

错误的由来:UTF 8 编码的困局



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Geometric – WordPress 收费主题

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演示Demo download

*** Geometric Changelog ***

2009.01.12 – version 1.1
* styles/ – Added 5 new styles (monochrome, off-white-brown, off-white-green, green-red, white-blue)
* functions/admin-options.php – Added option for left / right sidebar

2009.01.08 – version 1.0.0
* First release!

Geometric takes a structured approach to showcasing two rather non-structured things: blogs & design portfolios. The modifications made possible by the widgetized spaces however, takes all of the rigidness out of this template and enables you to be you…

  • Single User License $70 USD, This package is for the person who intends on using this theme on a single website.
  • Developer License $150 USD, This package is for the person who intends on using this theme on multiple websites.

Geometric v1.1 (2.74 MB)



Artshop – WordPress 收费主题

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演示Demo 本地下载

The theme does not by any means try to compete with well established ecommerce solutions such as xtcommerce, Zencart or magento however it will satisfy those who like to set up a basic eshop (where products are set using posts and categorized in single first level categories) using wordpress as cms and paypal.

Merchant Admin Options:

Theme Options:

1. Provide Basic Information about your shop2. Configure PayPal3. Choose 1 from 6 different shipping calculation methods
Free, Flat, Flat_Limit, Weight_Flat, Weight_Class and Per_Item (all explained in the Theme’s Options)4. Set up the Confirmation & Shipping Notification email send to your customers5. Configure the PDF document with the customer’s order6. Set up the Google Maps link to your shopManage your Orders:

1. view the information of each received order:
When? Who? How much?2. Manualy send emails to individual customers (for pending orders)3. Print order invoices4. View PayPal transaction id’s5. Change the status of each order from “Newly received & Paid” to:In process Shipped Completed Statistics.

WP_ArtShop.rar (4.27MB)



20款 WordPress 2.7 免费主题

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国外网站Mashable为我们精选了适合于新版WordPress2.7的20款精美主题. 它们全都是免费提供, 一起来鉴赏一下吧!


方便放置 Google AdSense 广告.
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence 侧边栏在左侧是其突出特色.
connections reloaded
Connections Reloaded 一款非常著名的主题, 新版支持了2.7, 但并没有放弃对以前版本的支持, 1.5开始的WordPress都可以用.
deep red
Deep Red 用夸张的形式着重强调了类别栏.
google chrome
Google Chrome
设计非常抢眼, 不过可能不适合把一大堆闪闪发光的挂件放在右侧边栏.
internet sharing
Internet Sharing
独立文章页面给出了一些快捷的分享链接, 比较有特色.
premium news
Premium News
文章介绍, 广告位安排的非常妥帖, 一款适合用WordPress架新闻站的主题.
没有用明显的条框分隔各部分, 给人开放之感.
可读空间大, 配备广告位和Flickr图片空间等预设.


blog oh blog
Blog Oh Blog
blue grace
Blue Grace
基于GPL协议, 可以自由调换颜色的主题, 提供大量信息的同时又不让人感到拥挤.
ClearPress 这种把文章平均分成3栏(而不是两个侧边栏)的主题, 加上明亮的配色, 不能不让它标新立异. fashionista
造型新颖别致, 侧边栏的放置现在也很少见.
左侧的标签, 如果开启JavaScript会产生滑动效果.
limau orange
Limau Orange
尽管配色是橘色, 但并不会压迫人们的眼球, 边栏也没有占用文字的太多空间.


7种颜色, 38种语言可用, 1, 2, 3栏任你选, 800或1024的分辨率也随你挑.
wicked lemon
Wicked Lemon
看到右上角的颜色切换按钮了吗? 这个功能在这里很轻量级的实现.


Basic – WordPress 收费主题

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演示Demo download

Basic is the first theme I have created specifically to embody a more traditional “Blog-Style” feel. Basic features a very clean, easy-to-read and traditional layout that focuses on displaying your content in an orderly fashion. The theme also comes with multiple color schemes, as well as built in advertisement management, a detailed theme options page and more.


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Asrep是一个基于php环境的功能比较强大的Google Adsense广告点击跟踪程序,它分为免费版和付费版(需要50美元),对于大多数人来说,免费版提供的功能就足够了,下面的介绍也是基于免费版的。但对于那些有不错GGAD收入的站长,非常建议你使用付费版,对于掌控GGAD有莫大的帮助.