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WordPress Theme - WP-MediaMag


WP-MediaMag is the latest premium WordPress theme offered by Solostream. In it, we’ve integrated the latest and greatest functionality available in WordPress version 2.8.1. Like previous themes, it also includes an expansive control panel that makes it easy to change and tweak the many available options. Some of the features included are:

  • Theme settings page in your WordPress control panel
  • 8 Different color options
  • 2-column layout with bottom right sidebar divided columns
  • Magazine layout options for home page with category blocks (up to 6) of recent posts and recent photo galleries
  • Threaded and Styled Comments
  • Featured article glider option for home page, with on/off setting on control panel
  • Gravatar integration
  • Banner ad integration option
  • Built-in post thumbnails option
  • Logo/header image integration option via control panel
  • Built-in site search
  • Built-in drop-down navigation for sub-categories and sub-pages
  • Built-in author page and author profile with Gravatar support
  • Widgetized sidebars
  • Basic SEO techniques integrated
  • And much more …

Color options available from control panel:

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    博主你好,我想请教一下这个WP MAX的模板的问题,我安装后竟然没有侧边栏,不知道怎么回事.能不能指教一下.

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