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主题名称: BobV3
商业版权: Blog Oh Blog商业主题
适用程序: WordPress 2.6+
演示地址: Live Demo
详细内容: More Info

BobV3 is a Premium WordPress theme suitable for any blogger who wants to take his or her blog to the next level. The theme boasts a unique design not found anywhere on the Internet. This is a light-weighted, fully-loaded WordPress 2.5 compatible theme which comes with nifty JavaScript components meant to highlight your content.

Here are some features that set it apart from the ordinary premium themes :

* Unique accordion based front page design
* Search Engine Friendly
* Animated “Best of my Posts” feature
* Advertising Space (125×125 banner ads)
* Tabbed sections for sidebar content
* Quick Categories
* WP2.5 Gallery compatible
* Gravatars compatible
* Valid CSS and XHTML code
* Widget-Ready sidebars
* Subscribe by e-mail Feedburner box
* Tags Ready
* Custom 404 Error page
* Full post-sales support

BobV3 v3.0 (96.86 KB)


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